February 13, 2014

IHC Wellness Program Highlights

The Iowa Home Care health and wellness program operates on a 12 month cycle and builds its foundation upon its wellness screening, which is conducted in January.  Iowa Home Care wellness programs target physical activity and proper body mechanics specifically for home health care workers, healthy eating habits, weight loss, stress reduction, tobacco cessation, and health risk assessment.  Each quarter of the 2014 Wellness Program will focus on 4 key areas related to health and wellness.

Benefits-eligible employees that participate in the Health Risk Assessment and Wellness Screening receive a discount of nearly $1,000 annually on their Iowa Home Care health insurance plans.  All Iowa Home Care employees are encouraged to participate in the Wellness Program. 
As part of Iowa Home Care’s comprehensive health and wellness initiative designed to enhance employee health and well-being, Iowa Home Care will subsidize four areas of wellness for eligible employees.  Employees may apply for reimbursement in each category. 
• Health Club Membership - up to $30 per month (minimum participation requirement)
• Nutrition counseling/IHC approved weight loss program - $100 per year
• Organized Activity/Adult Sports League  - $50 per year
• Tobacco Cessation - $500 total (one lifetime benefit)
To remain in the program and maintain eligibility for reimbursements, employees earn points each quarter (minimum of 100).  The program incorporates 12 week challenges with a few shorter or one-time initiatives added throughout the year.

         Key to Success

Iowa Home Care’s key to success includes senior-level support and the ability to track and measure tangible results.   A culture of wellness stems from the very top level.  The senior leadership team not only supports the program verbally, but also demonstrates the importance of wellness by practicing and participating on a regular basis.
Iowa Home Care’s overriding goal is to develop a healthier and more productive workforce.   It reflects the Iowa Home Care values of professional, loving, A-player and dedicated.  Iowa Home Care collects data such as miles walked, inches and pounds lost and participant satisfaction and feedback.  However, the most important number comes from engaging the highest number of employees in programs that improve health and lower costs.  Employees are more productive, feel better, have higher job satisfaction and lower absenteeism and turnover.

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