May 5, 2014

Core Value: Professional

At Iowa Home Care we have identified Core Values to which we hold ourselves accountable. It’s these values that guide our thoughts and actions, ensuring that we provide first rate care to our clients in complete compliance with rules and regulations, while fostering a positive work environment. We recruit and nurture Professional, Loving, Dedicated, A-Players! Each quarter we examine a different Core Value and for the second quarter of 2014 we remind ourselves of what it means to be a Professional. A Professional is educated, trained and experienced. They know what to do, how to do it, and have done it before. It’s this foundation of skills that allows each of us to be the best that we can be and build a career. Professionals holds themselves accountable to industry and ethical standards. When a Professional acts, it’s with honesty and integrity. A Professional properly represents themselves, and their employer, with the appropriate attire, language and behavior. They act with pride and respect for their work, their employer, their client, and co-workers. Professionals working together that are loving, dedicated, a-players can accomplish great things! Let’s make the remainder of 2014 a fantastic year, one to remember and celebrate!

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