May 19, 2014

A Salute to our Outstanding Home Care Nurses

Iowa Home Care is an organization created by nurses and built by nurses. Nursing is the backbone of the service we provide to our clients and to our communities. I’m proud to be a nurse, and to work with such a fine and committed team of professionals. Nurses in home health care provide the hands-on treatment that allows a client, who might otherwise need to be in a facility, to stay in their own homes. Iowa Home Care nurses are the expert eyes-and-ears of the entire healthcare continuum for those we serve. It’s our nurses’ assessments and care that is the vital hub of the clients’ care; our nurses should feel very good about this, for there is no greater emotional reward a person can feel in their career than to bring care to a client. Of course, nurses do more than treat illness. Nurses provide comfort and security to their patients. Nowhere is this more evident than in home health care, where our clients are often fragile or lonely. Iowa Home Care nurses develop a relationship based on trust, which gives peace of mind to the client and their loved ones. I commend each of our nurses for practicing this time honored profession, and for doing so at Iowa Home Care. On behalf of our clients, and all of their medical care providers, I say Thank You!

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