July 28, 2015

Iowa Home Care Employee Celebrates a 40 Year Nursing Career!

She graduated from the Evangelical and Community School of Nursing that was located in Marshalltown and affiliated with the Hospital. It was a 3 year diploma program. She worked for 23 years for Marshall County at the Marshall County Care Facility, which was an ICF and Residential nursing facility. Delaine changed fields and worked for Community Nursing Service in Home Health nursing. She joined the staff of Iowa Home Care shortly thereafter. She has worked in the home health field for 17 years. Delaine states, "a lot of things have changed so much from when I first started nursing and now I am seeing the 3rd generation of family members. My thoughts on beginning a career in nursing is that you will meet so many wonderful people and it is so rewarding to make a real difference in their lives when they need someone the most." CONGRATULATIONS, DELAINE!

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